NaNoWriMo. In situations where there are important – I’m trying not to say – situations where you are trying to –


NaNo – you are at least attempting to get those 50,000 words, or you may have set a goal of your own within the NaNo structure – you have November in which to achieve whatever you have agreed to, be it the NaNoWriMo site’s definition of what winning is, or something that you have decided for yourself –


I have been playing Nintendo’s ‘Link’s Awakening’ as part of my prepping for NaNoWriMo.

I have got through the game once – and I defy anyone to be able to get through it without the help of the internet –

Well, some people are just plain good – trailblazers – they have played so many of this type of game, maybe, that they know the likely wherewithal of how this one might go –

And now I am in hero-mode.

See?  I would like to be a hero of my own NaNo-try-out.

As Link, I have found what works – 

Go for it – head on – determination – spike the . . .

Patience.  Sometimes, to use patience is the way forward.

Or – you need a certain amount of cunning.

I’ll keep you informed.