Things go around in my head.

Already, I must say – something like that.

Things go around and I hardly dare write them.  I have so much to type up – I usually handwrite first.

There is so much I could say if only I let myself go.

And the writing is precious but it also isn’t so – there is plenty more where that came from – if I don’t worry too much about what I write.  I have plenty of fiction, it turns out.  Maybe the part of me that did want to do NaNo was a wiser person than I thought.

I think she was – I separate myself from her – I’ll say that much – if it had been up to me I wouldn’t have done NaNo at all – not my cup of tea.

But I have fiction there now to chew at when I’m in the mood.


I was going to give something of an explanation (!) about how I can plant two sprigs of ivy just like that.

I have ivy growing up a trellis (a heavy one) at the back of my garden in front of Dee and . . .’s fence.

I told them about my trellis when they wanted to get rid of the jasmine that was theirs but that I had agreed to years ago – it would grow over into my garden.

They’d had enough of that and thought they were stealing a march over me when they insisted they would pay for the fence – and make sure they had the straight planks on their side.

Of course, that meant that the gubbins would be on mine.

What they didn’t realise was that I didn’t mind at all to be having the gubbins of the fence – my sister says you want that side of a fence because you can easily fix trellis to it, but I wouldn’t go that far in these small gardens around here – it is bad enough maintaining your own equilibrium without throwing your weight about.

No.  I told them I didn’t mind which way the fence was put up, and that I would let the jasmine go (it was getting too overwhelming) just so long as I had my trellis on the other side (free-standing and separate from the fence by a few feet).

I think they didn’t entirely understand what they were letting themselves in for.  The trellis is not some flimsy affair.

They were surprised that I had what they called a ‘wild garden’ – it couldn’t be seen from their side of the fence when that was up, though I had seen their garden – I’d been up in the tree.

Gosh, you get so far through with explanations and then find you need a whole bunch more.

The trellis – the sturdy one – ivy growing all up it.

Three nests came out from there, and the birds still come for the berries but nest in the huge hedge that is along the road out the front.

What an idyllic spot I live in, you’ll be thinking.

Well, it’s all in the mind.

I got the ivy sprigs from my sturdy trellis to plant against Yorick and Godwin’s fence.