NaNoWriMo. Of course, you can take all this too seriously, can’t you?

I have found that, especially with the internet, you can’t know fully, by descriptions, information or anything else, what doing a thing is going to be like.

You have to get in there and do it – sort it out for yourself.

So much information that you get, even from participators, is so much repetition of the standard line of the site itself – the facility, let’s say.

I can’t explain this very well yet – you feel as though you might drop yourself in it, if you complain.  But drop yourself into what, precisely?

Validation – you would only want validation if you reached whatever it was you were aiming for, wouldn’t you?

Jargon – this was the word I was looking for.  So much is conducted through what turns out to be quite specific jargon.