I hardly want to say this – I want some sustainability.

Not fly-by-nights.

Not stereotypes.

Not differences, one year to the next, or one season to the next, or one – I keep on forgetting the words, but ‘era’ might do here – one era to the next.

I’m old enough to remember the truths of – years ago now.

How they change.  The magazines exhort the latest things – what to reach for; what is currently desirable; let’s change our minds about a few things and call it progress.

A dead-end here; a dead loss.

A misunderstanding so acute as to cut.

Another thing. I’m incredibly busy and I have to admit that I sometimes miss something that someone says . . .

In their blog, for instance, or in a room where I am with that person.

This can get me into hot water.

I respond – I am hardly responding, unbeknownst to myself at the time, to what was said, but rather to what I thought was said.

I’ve just done it – with someone’s blog.

I didn’t notice that what I was responding to was a guest post – and not the person I thought I was responding to . . .

Ah!  Things become clear – but not to the poor person who, in all good faith (as it were) responds back to what I’ve said – me thinking it was someone else – and so the chain of misunderstanding . . .

And instead of saying to that person – sorry, I thought you were someone else (or, sorry, I only heard part of what you said) . . .

 go along with the latest situation I find myself in!

That I have created!

It is a mistake, dear people.

Come clean!

Admit your imperfection!

Don’t try to cover up!

Sorry, I wasn’t listening . . . I wasn’t seeing . . . my mind was elsewhere . . . sorry . . .

You are on the end of this chain (ah! ball and . . .*) that is dragging  – me – down – let go of me or you’ll drown with me – I’ll go on and go on pretending I haven’t made the mistake!

Does anyone else ever feel this way?


*Ah!  Janis Joplin!  Performance at Monterey.