NaNoWriMo. This is a hodge-podge of a put-together.

As is the typescript so far.

I’m having difficulty doing that many words in one day – I’m only through day two, aren’t I?  What’s the date?

Ah – there is still time left today for more if I should think of it.

I’m already seeing that some writing from some of those (many) blog-posts I took down will fit in with this – let’s call it an endeavour – I won’t add any of that until after NaNo, I’m thinking – I don’t want this ‘cheat’ thing hanging over me – I might change those words of the blog-posts when they do go in, or I might not – I always think they won’t change – they are so perfect, after all, you think, but – usually, words change.  You can’t keep them in aspic.

This is what I mean when I say I write in an – instinctive – way – maybe I mean ‘intuitive’ but it seems deeper than that.

I was uncomfortable with the last lot of blog-posts being there – people didn’t seem to be seeing them, but assuming else-wise with them.  One of them in particular . . .

And that was mighty embarrassing for me – to be misheard in that way.

And yet – that was how I was heard – how could I elucidate?

Oh – this darn thing – I’ve lost all the side-bits – the page has gone central.

No time to explain all that now.

I treat this as though it is Word and it is not.

I’m blathering on but I need to.

I said something about ‘literary’ being too posh.

I said (in the NaNo site) that what I was writing was ‘adventure’.

It is not.

I’ll be bringing in these blog-post pieces.

And that – I’d rather call it ‘literary’ than ‘postmodern’ – too many ifs and buts about ‘postmodern’.

If it turns out ‘literary’, I will start confronting my problems with ‘poshness’.  Nothing wrong with being posh.

Well, it’s just another genre, in its own way, isn’t it?

But I ended up in the A class when I was a kid, and it was full of posh kids who didn’t want to play with me – that’s a basic start to this.

NaNoWriMo. The gubbins in there seems all askew.

I’ve been asked to announce my project more than once.

I have been asked what my title is.

I don’t work that way.

I’ll know what my title is once I see what I have written.

It wants a summary.

How do I know what I am going to be writing about – oh, it’s the usual thing with creative work.

You know what the title will be, or you have at least a working title.

Mine, currently, is ‘Don’t Know Yet’.

You are supposed to know what genre you write in.

If you don’t write in genre, you must be ‘literary’ – I’ve put ‘literary’ in my own mind as another genre – people try to make it too posh.

It’s just another way of writing – ah, you can call ‘literary’ ‘contemporary’, but is ‘literary’ always ‘contemporary’?  And do they mean the writing of it – if you wrote it yesterday, and that was what they were talking about, you could say you write ‘contemporary’.

And then a bright spark – I can just see it – would say – ‘do you mean literary?’

Look, do I have to announce anything?

I’ve said I’m aiming for 50,000 words, and that seems foolhardy, to say even that.

Once you say you have an aim, people expect you to reach it – this is my experience.

I agreed to that because it seemed as though I was agreeing to not much else.

Look, can’t I just write, and then see what is there?