NaNoWriMo. Don’t worry. It’ll be over soon. 36,000 words.

In my manuscript – I’ll call it that – I now have as many questions as I have definitive decisions.

The character watched the character – from how far away? – she knows he is there – how can she tell? – how far into his watching of her does she first begin to know? – does she finally see the bushes over there moving?  – over where?

What does he see?  What is in the way of his vision?

Where has he come from?  Why?  He knows she won’t . . . and so he . . .

One reason I thought of doing NaNoWriMo is because I have an insistent phrase or two going through my head.

That is how I used to start my novels, not through idea on to outline including character studies going through to plot.  I would have a short phrase and build from there, see where that would take me.

I would see where I was, look out, see where I could be.

But I had that beginning to anchor me.

In this case, I have a strong visual.  I know I have seen something like it, probably quite a few times (maybe not ‘many’) – I need to be precise, also – it surprises me that I have so strong a visual element coming into this starting point.  I see this character in a setting.

That is as much as I will say, for now.