I’ve gone into the blog, decided I would leave some ‘likes’ all over the place – play the game, in fact, in order to get some back –

I read something Marguerite had up there, got bored with it half way through – I don’t ‘like’ it.

Same with KeepInTouch’s post – they bring something up, and I either don’t care, or I think they are – basically – stupid.

Part of it is that I’m British, and American relationships – which people seem to write about so often – seem saccharine-sweet to me, sometimes – you get used to watching it on Netflix and through Hollywood films – but it isn’t real in a British sense – last time I looked most British relationships were healthier than that.

However, both of those – Marguerite and KeepInTouch – seem to have given up on me at the moment, and I don’t feel like giving anything back at all.

They both suck.

Someone else, though – TeachSpell – she only very rarely comes to my site these days, but I still left a ‘like’ on hers – I don’t always agree with what she says, but I appreciate the effort she puts in there – she is working with a relative’s writing – they might publish as a co-op.  Rather them than me, but still . . .

So, I suppose it depends on the person – KeepInTouch I really have not much in common with – I agree with so little of what she says – and Marguerite – she is too young for me, as it turns out (that isn’t it, either – I read other young people’s blogs – people much younger than I am – and those are okay) – oh, Marguerite said she was going to do life-story, which I would have been interested in, but she hasn’t . . . sick of waiting.

What is it that I am looking for in the blogging scene?

I am circumspect in what I say.  This is for a start.

I am looking for writing – not so much ‘good blogs’ as good writing.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It needs to be as good as someone can make it.

It doesn’t matter – I was going to say ‘about its genre’, but I don’t like most romance.  I have read some romances that are not genre.  I have read romantic scenes within writing that is not genre.  I have read some romances that are genre that I recognise as good writing.  But I don’t easily choose ‘romance’.

I have been trying to say this for a long time.

I don’t want chat-sites.

I don’t want Facebook take-offs.