Hmm.  I’ve forgotten, now, how to do this.  I had a blog before.  I had an ‘About’ section before, and I know it is popular with readers – I, myself, tend to look at the ‘About’ section when I visit other blogs.

I have limited time.  That was one thing that went wrong before – I was trying to keep up with – whatever – other bloggers, a perceived timetable all my own that I thought I maybe ought to pursue – all the time questioning the ‘ought’ in that.  There is no ‘ought’ about it.  I do as I can, and try to keep away from others who would attempt to define me – systems of definition, also.

This is off the top of my head, what I write here, which is the way that I prefer to write.  It is a snapshot of how I am now.  I may change, later.

I don’t necessarily follow pre-conceived plans.  If I need a plan, I will devise one.

But I like plenty of space for myself.

As I did with the last ‘About’, I’ll date this – it is 23 February 2019.  That gives you an idea of the time of the snapshot I present myself with.

And it gives me the option for change.