Just Joan – I’m into the idea of the writing itself being more important than the writer.

The banner photo is of my garden, taken one year.

I have thought of getting rid of it but it is as much me as anything else that might land on these pages.

Sunday 6 October 2019.


I cut ‘comments’ from this blog maybe a few months ago.  I have less time – my husband is not well and requires more care.

I know that, for many people, the ‘comments’ section is the most important part of their blog and, although I can comment easily, any trouble I have had with blogging has come through the ‘comments’ section in one way or another – through scraper sites and spider bots – through scam comments – comments from people who have not understood what I have said in a post – or comments I have made on other people’s sites that have not been understood.

Since I am not, as a writer, convinced that what you ‘intend’ can be achieved, that is as I could have expected, I suppose, except that I am trying to work out problems of my own here, and I am not robust enough to be able to cope with all that at present.  Things may change.

At the moment, I am putting fiction into posts – some is new, but I am also going through what I produced for NaNoWriMo last year (2019).

What possessed me to join in with that I don’t know – I generally don’t go along with an idea of writing and writing and writing and not editing as you go along, which seems to be the ideal of NaNo even if they have opened up other ways of producing – at least acknowledging that there might be other ways.

But I did it.  Part of me wanted to, maybe – wanted that experience.

But I am now discarding two-thirds of words I produced at that time – the fifty-odd thousand words were in no way consecutive for me – I questioned myself throughout that process and the questions, as well as decisions I made, all ended up as part of that manuscript.

I never thought I would give fiction through a blog again – but every time I write anything down, it changes, including my fiction – I am giving nothing permanent, but working out for myself in this space what I could possibly keep and what not.

Thursday 20 February 2020.