I’ve been absent. And that has been a relief.

There are times when you just need to recognise that, despite your anxiety about death being just around the corner, and things not done – there is more to this than I say here – just let it flow – there is the back of beyond – there is the olden days – time gone past – there is a rushing which I avoid.

Sometimes, just jot – like now – don’t plan out what you are going to say – take heed of your thought that you haven’t posted for a long time – maybe you should – keep in the loop, I once said of that – and maybe it’s important, or I wouldn’t have paid my dues again this year.

Don’t think too much.

Trust your own forward-motion.

Heidegger – had a thing about being in your past, your present and your future all at the same time – and I liked that – so what is this ‘forward-motion’ I’m talking about?