All seems to be quiet at the moment, but I’m not sure if I’ve finally fixed it.

I know that lots of people are accepting ad-sense, but these – pop up in the most awkward spots – cover the right-hand bottom third of the screen (I work on a desk-top) making it extremely difficult to write, click on anything at all in that part of the screen; they appear on YouTube (you have difficulty adjusting the volume), the Google Search page the minute you click on anything (can’t access your bookmarks very well) – whoever might think that pop-up ads might be a good idea – a source of revenue, think again.

You make it difficult for anyone to use their computers at all – these things even found their way on to my Word documents, and into my main notification box (bottom right of the screen), alongside my usual notification that there was no malware on my computer!

I think I might have found what was causing it – a free radio station, which I hadn’t clicked on at all – but I’m not sure because it was there for some time before the pop-ups got in on the act.

But this is a scrawl – I’ve suddenly been missing for a few days after being here pretty much regularly.

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