Of course, you can talk about Possession (A S Byatt) any way you want to.

You don’t have to match contents that are there, or mode, against ways to say what you want to, about it.  You need to watch those ‘have tos’.

I don’t put an apostrophe between the ‘to’ and the ‘s’ above, because the ‘tos’ or ‘have tos’ is plural.

I know there is a convention to put that apostrophe there – in some circles – but I don’t join in with those.

I am old school.

I go by what I was taught in that old school, a long time ago.

I am not always right in spelling and grammar – ‘right’ according to how I was taught.  I make mistakes, and – I know most spellings – that is an old-fashioned way of saying it – I spelt ‘medicine’ ‘medecine’ for years – or was that a mere slip? – because I thought it was spelt that way – and didn’t find out until – oh, was it 1994? – that it wasn’t spelt that way – I do hope that spike has gone from my WordPress – the one that seems to cause pop-ups.

About bit-money and cars, so far.

And, of course, I have dashes all over the place and I am not Emily Dickinson.

I am at a point where I use – oh, what were they called now? – those joining words – those ‘ands’  and ‘buts’ – at the beginning of a sentence, if I want, instead of in a proper place that I was taught about.

I know it’s Thanksgiving over there – gotta mention it.

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