I’m still mopping up from NaNo.

I’ve been over to the site again, lost everything I had logged there before, put the word-count in again and I’m still a winner – all my stats are gone so I’m a ‘closed book – any chance I’m writing a mystery?’  They have no idea where in the world I am writing, that stat having disappeared . . .

Oh well, I’m not worrying overmuch – the site asked me to fill in my profile – this was right at the beginning – I did – and then they wanted me to fill it in again – I did . . .

You may need to be a Pinterest person in order to get everything from NaNo.  I didn’t fill that in.  There was something else I didn’t fill in.  Maybe it’s my fault NaNo hasn’t gone straightforward for me in its gubbins.  I now have two progress lines in the stats.

I shrug my shoulders – they ache plenty and that is probably good for them.

I found something else I wrote about how I felt about the validation – in a way, I feel a bit put out that I did all that and – it isn’t there – but I have, in a note – ‘. . . the validation process isn’t available this year . . . .  That is good news for me because, I don’t know why, but I felt dubious about getting my word-count validated.  It was, for me, like playing the game too far.’

And I have, at the top of that potential blog-post – ‘Oh well, let’s get real now.’

I spent much of yesterday sorting out the private diary I have beyond this blog.

However, I’m trying to be honest here, on the blog, as I can (you don’t always know when you’re tricking yourself).

It seems to me that too many people try to string you along.

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