My writing is my writing, you know?

I had long years at school where I learnt basic rules and regulations about writing.

I’m glad I had that grounding.  It seems, these days, that young people don’t have that sort of grounding any more.  I met a teacher once – oh, in one of those many courses I attended – and she explained that young people don’t get the basic grounding that we got (she was about my age) because there just wasn’t time.

Young people, these days, needed to have computer and IT skills, for instance, which – well, computers hardly existed during my childhood.

We were taught spelling and grammar on a rote sort of basis.

They were keen to instil a wide vocabulary in us – and so we learned more and more words that were not common in everyday speech – and we used them.

When I tried to write popular, genre fiction, I ‘unlearned’ those words, looking for simpler ones that would do in their place – my readers needed to know what I was talking about.

And then I did an academic course, literature and history of ideas, and the words were okay again – and more terms and words implicit with the discussion of those subjects – they might not be easy for a layperson to understand, but they were necessary for that structure we found ourselves in.  Sorry, that was a mouthful.

But I write as I write, and I write in different ways to suit what I am writing about, or to suit my mood – my moods can be varied.

Sometimes, you need to join the jargon.

Sometimes, it’s just the dots.

3 thoughts on “My writing is my writing, you know?

    1. I think, if you like writing, you need to build from where you are. It depends on what you want to do. If you write a letter (or email these days) about a job, you need to remain within what would be expected there – if you want the job. But sometimes, I don’t know – you get into a poetic mode – I should put inverted commas around that. Or sometimes, the ‘big’ word is the one you want, or the one you know, or is accepted and expected within what you are writing about, or for. There are no hard and fast rules. But sometimes, if you want a certain result, you need to keep within acceptable rules.

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