I remember I went to the Brownies for a while when I was a kid.

I went with my sister and we must have gone with friends – we would never have thought of it on our own.

I hated that, as well.  It was worse than NaNo.

That was about badges too.

All I remember was learning how to do knots.  I can still do a reef knot.  And a granny knot – what a thing to call it!  My granny, aka, Nanny, used to use granny knots to start her sewing.

But that was before this time.

Everyone had a smart brown uniform – it was a dress tied in the middle.

I was tall for my age at that time, and they only had one that fit me – it was a washed-out shit colour – sorry, but it was.  I didn’t feel smart in it and Brown Owl didn’t seem apologetic-enough about it.  It was as though she didn’t care, not really and deep down.

It was held in the church hall which later burnt down.

We went there on cold November nights walking through the dark, but keeping to the main lights along the way, as Mam had told us.

It was like prison, being in the Brownie meeting.

In the summer, it was bob-a-job week, and we knocked, door-to-door.

One woman got us clearing wicken grass from her back garden.

An impossible task for young girls.  That was it – it must have been that Margaret we went with – it was her mother who gave us that job.  We toiled all afternoon – it was a Saturday – and dug out hardly any of it.  And Margaret said to her, at last, that we couldn’t do it.

Silly woman, thinking we could.

I think we got our shillings.

My sister left after that year – she was older than I was and she was supposed to move up into the Guides, which she didn’t want to do.

I left also – there was no way I would have another year of that without my sister – Margaret had left long since.

I haven’t thought of this for years and I may have got some details wrong.  This is as I am remembering it now, an off-shoot of NaNo.

It took over my life for a time, Brownies – well, the days we went to it, but we had to go to church as well, on a Sunday.

I didn’t like that, either.

It was as though you were never out of school, always somewhere you had to be, no free time, no freedom.

No.  We weren’t necessarily sent to church, ever.

We had a few spells of it, chosen.

32,000 words.

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