NaNoWriMo. I’ve gotta admit – I’m getting mighty bored with it now – I’m more interested in the blog –

I got a Members’ Badge yesterday.

I thought I was a member as soon as I signed up – there was a message to that effect – maybe you have to wait for the badge until they make it – I can now . . .

Did they say, before, that I could not post things in the forums?  If I can only do that now, no wonder what I said before disappeared into the aether.

Anyway, I don’t care so much.

I’ve been reading in the forums and there are some interesting people there.

27,000 words at the last count – that was yesterday.

There was a local event yesterday – 11 till 4 – here, in this town.  (Rather than being in towns I would have difficulty reaching.)

I didn’t see the notice for it until a quarter to four – something like that.

11 to 4?  When’s lunch, then?  I don’t miss out meals, these days.  I suppose I could have had one of those huge breakfasts.  You know, the English breakfast.  You get nice Scottish breakfasts in Scotland.  You can have real Scottish porridge – it’s better than what you make yourself at home.

Breakfast – it used to be my favourite meal.

Maybe I could re-instate it as something special.

Maybe not.

I’m not sure of all that bacon every day.  Maybe I could go for sausage.  Maybe not.  Who, me?

I’m not procrastinating rather than getting on with the forced march of NaNoWriMo –

Okay.  I’ll get to it soon.  Huh!

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