This NaNo has been awful, and yet I have learnt from it.

I went into it blind, as I must (I’m speaking for no other people now, just myself).

I’d heard of it before, knew someone once (he is now out of my sphere), who had done it.

But even that was hearsay for me – he had done NaNoWriMo before I met him, and he’d said not much about it.

For years, I had known of its existence, and immediately dismissed the idea of doing it.  I didn’t work that way.

I even dreaded it –

At one time, I had started to blog (and that had been a stretch for me, beginning that after following one or two people for quite some time) –

And I hated it when one person I’d commented with through her site, said she was going to do it.

I knew she would disappear from the blog-scene for quite some time.

And she did.

We parted company after that, in any case.

There were a couple of people then who did – at least their own versions of – NaNo.

I don’t know what made me decide to do it, this year.

I had more problems at home than I’d previously had.

Maybe I knew, somewhere deep inside (I work from that place most often), that it was time to do NaNoWriMo, regardless – give it a shot.

Conveniently forgetting the reasons I had decided, other years, that it wasn’t for me, I embarked upon it.

I had forgotten that, if you decide to do anything that involves joining in, it is inevitable that it makes inroads upon your time.

Of course it does.

And yet I forgot that all my time is already neatly (or not neatly) tied up, and that . . .

I’m losing this thread.

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