NaNoWriMo. We’re half-way through the month but I now just want this done, if I can – this is how I feel today – so that I can get back to projects I was working on before.

I say all this but I can’t say that it is absolutely so, as I say it.

I went to the optician’s recently, got my eyes tested, began the process of choosing the glasses.  I used to wear contact lenses, but not these days.

The assistant asked what I had in mind for frames.

And I said – something nondescript that blended in, weren’t obvious.

And I ended up with definite purple ones.

Well, purple is one of my colours.

My last pair had purple – wings, I would call them – thinking back, they were retro when I got those – there was probably a fashion, then, for retro.  They were reminiscent of styles of the 50s.  1950s, that is.  It’s funny – now that we’re in another century, I feel as though I must specify – as though, old as I am, I might go back to the 1850s or something!

These glasses – the new ones – thick purple frames, all round.

Not blending in – I have this idea that glasses might blend in and appear not to be there.  I am not of the Harry Potter generation where glasses are cool.

And these are there, all right.

I started wearing glasses when I was nine years old, and, in my mind, I’m back in that time to quite an extent – thinking of then.

The novel-length – science fiction elements starting to come in – I have some that I’m going to put in.  They have come to mind as the stories did that I have bunged in there.

They belong there, and I suspect that the SF belongs there, also.

I’m hoping, in a way, that I can take that from science fiction into the ordinary.

That seems a strange ambition even to me – science fiction seems so much more exciting than the ordinary.

But I have always felt that I couldn’t write science fiction.

We’ll see.

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