NaNoWriMo. Hmm. I’m not so well at the moment.

But I tend to improve things for myself through my – whoops!  Where is the rest of that blog post?

I’m trying to clear my desk.

I find that NaNoWriMo encroaches on my time too much.

There was a message from some local person asking people to introduce themselves in the forum which was – where?

She wasn’t very clear over that.

I haven’t time to go searching the site for where she meant.

I haven’t time to go to local events, either.  There will be one later on in the month that I may be able to visit for a short time, but maybe not for the whole session.

The ‘typescript’ – shall I call it that? – is as messy as everything else at the moment – the trouble with NaNo is that I haven’t had time for ordinary housework.

Oh – don’t sneer – it has to be done some time – I thought I would probably end this NaNo with – ‘and now the dust, three feet high . . .’

But that just isn’t funny.  I have no one else to do it for me.

And there are all the hoardings here that came from a relative who I was very fond of, but . . . this house hasn’t been mine for – how many years ago is it since she died?  Twenty-five or so.  I’m not kidding – a relative gained through marriage, so I haven’t had full say as to what to do with all her things – I used to call her ‘Smiler’ – she smiled and smiled.

But she was so bad at housework she even forbade her cleaning-woman to clean much.

I exaggerate not.

This is a jotting because – surprise, surprise – I’ve been posting every day for a long time – which I didn’t used to do.

I find that it helps.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo. Hmm. I’m not so well at the moment.

  1. I gave myself a 20k goal, Joan. Otherwise, I’d be in the same situation. Sometimes life is just too hectic for the whole shebang. And there’s still no time for housework. 🙂 I hope you get some writing in. Have a great weekend.


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