NaNoWriMo – it has cheered me up signing in for it.

I’ve been in there.  I have looked in the shop and mine is in £ sterling – they must have caught up with the fact that I am British.  I’ll buy a mug, I think – one this year, another next year, another . . .

And then when I have enough, I’ll get them all out when people come round.

I won’t use them to drink out of until then – you know how dishwashers destroy fine china – or pot – the design painted thereon.

I love that dishwasher.

I wrote that in one of my diaries once, and thought – cross that out!  How trite can you get?

But it is not trite to love your dishwasher.  I love it.

Yes – there is an announcement page within NaNoWriMo.

I have announced that, yes, I’m there.

I have announced that I have 0 words yet – I mean, it’s not supposed to begin until November 1.  In fact, I have a few words of my phrase which I shall start with, and a few words beyond those that came to me when I was on the bus – and another few that came into my mind . . .

I have less than 200 words altogether, and they will be edited.

They say – do not edit – just write – but I have decided I must have a dedicated notebook for this project – I have already lost the first phrase – I’m sure I’ll find it – but I began a notebook (I’m talking about handwriting) and jotted this, and that – and went through blog posts because I knew fictional stuff had been leaking into there – which can be turned into fiction or can be left as leaking parts in my memoir – it’s up to me . . .

But if I transcribe words from one place to another, inevitably, I edit them – I just do.

And I had a moment of conscience – oh, I can’t say that I’ve done any words yet because it’s not supposed to start until November 1st – and I have – and I counted them (and guessed how many the missing phrase must be) – about 173.

But I squared that with myself – it is prepping-time – and people do plots, outlines, character studies – they have it all set up, if they are organised, and then they can just write it up.

Sounds like a cunning plan.

But all that doesn’t count as words.

So, my few, which will change once they go upon a proper page, don’t count, I reckon.

There is a ‘memoir’ section in NaNoWriMo, but I hardly need that – I have all that ‘memoir’ already – I hardly need to set aside time to do it.

I need time to organise it – but I don’t have to be actively within the shelter of NaNo to do that – but I like it in there, NaNo.  Yes, I do indeed.

I chose to write alone – you can have buddies, if you like – or go public right from the start – I presume that will be something like WordPress – what you write will go into a public sphere immediately.  It could be that you get a lot of come-back from that.

Now then, shall I sign up to Scrivener?

NaNoWriMo – I’ve signed in.

It is still very early in October, but I’ve watched a few YouTube videos and people seem to prep (quite a lot, it seems to me) during October.

It is a bit much, expecting to reach 50,000 words of something new within 30 days, and people have built up their own rules around it, which is fine by me.

Some people need that push that it seems you may get with NaNoWriMo.

Not me.

I’m not sure what I’m there for, except that I know I want a look.

I found the website a bit all-over-the-place.  It wasn’t geared up for British people, it seemed.  I felt a bit lost in it with all this talk of dollars (to donate, you know).

Well, we’ll see how we get on.  It’s early days.  I’m glad I’ve started now – I need a period of familiarisation – and that isn’t with the writing.

But I notice I’m in emphasis-mode.  Something must be going on in the old brain-box.

One reason I thought of doing NaNoWriMo is because I have an insistent phrase or two going through my head.

That is how I used to start my novels, not through idea on to outline including character studies going through to plot.  I would have a short phrase and build from there, see where that would take me.

I would see where I was, look out, see where I could be.

But I had that beginning to anchor me.

In this case, I have a strong visual.  I know I have seen something like it, probably quite a few times (maybe not ‘many’) – I need to be precise, also – it surprises me that I have so strong a visual element coming into this starting point.  I see this character in a setting.

That is as much as I will say, for now.

Got rid of all that chatter – er, clutter.

Don’t worry.  I’ve got it bagged up (paper bag).

Sorry folks, especially recent followers who may have done so on the strength of what I had there.

But I couldn’t continue in that vein any longer.

I won’t carry on in that way, but start something new.


There is a kooky voice coming through (I’m not keen on that description).  Woody Woodpecker.  It seems it isn’t here yet.

I have this in ‘drafts’.  If this, in whatever form it takes, gets into the blog, I need to have it noted, no matter what the date may be there, that this was written on Wednesday 18 September 2019.