NaNoWriMo. The gubbins in there seems all askew.

I’ve been asked to announce my project more than once.

I have been asked what my title is.

I don’t work that way.

I’ll know what my title is once I see what I have written.

It wants a summary.

How do I know what I am going to be writing about – oh, it’s the usual thing with creative work.

You know what the title will be, or you have at least a working title.

Mine, currently, is ‘Don’t Know Yet’.

You are supposed to know what genre you write in.

If you don’t write in genre, you must be ‘literary’ – I’ve put ‘literary’ in my own mind as another genre – people try to make it too posh.

It’s just another way of writing – ah, you can call ‘literary’ ‘contemporary’, but is ‘literary’ always ‘contemporary’?  And do they mean the writing of it – if you wrote it yesterday, and that was what they were talking about, you could say you write ‘contemporary’.

And then a bright spark – I can just see it – would say – ‘do you mean literary?’

Look, do I have to announce anything?

I’ve said I’m aiming for 50,000 words, and that seems foolhardy, to say even that.

Once you say you have an aim, people expect you to reach it – this is my experience.

I agreed to that because it seemed as though I was agreeing to not much else.

Look, can’t I just write, and then see what is there?

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