NaNoWriMo is a vehicle, but it is the story that comes out of there that counts.

The NaNo website is a place to travel in, or through, rest in sometimes . . .

I had a routine dental visit today – there was some dog shit on the path where I travelled – it was on what could be counted as my property and so was my responsibility – someone had brought their dog along there and not used a doggy-doo bag.

It makes me sick even just to think about it.  It isn’t that I don’t like dogs, but they can presage the desperate for me.

I knew I would have to clean that up when I came back – it was right between the wall of our front garden and next door’s car which was parked where we have an agreement he can leave it.

Pushed in between two neighbours’ cars, we are – there is also the one in the shared drive beside us that belongs to another neighbour.

I couldn’t expect either neighbour to clean that up – it was in that space that was indubitably mine and was my responsibility.

Does anyone else get signs along the way?

I sloped off towards the bus stop.  I felt like some hard-boiled detective on the trail of something big.

But it wasn’t until I was in the dentist’s surgery, and the hygienist asked me to put my cross next to the signature . . .

That I knew things were going according to plan.

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