It’s my NaNo! Okay? Huh! *One slight profanity at the end of this post.

I don’t mind engaging with robots!  I really don’t!  But where is the bookmark it wants me to press?  It sent me a message to say it hadn’t seen me for a while.  Well, where was it?

I left a message in the Newbies.  It’s fine as a message, but they seem to want joiny-up handwriting in there!

Well, I can do that!  Wait till you see mine!  You won’t recognise me!

In the Rebels’ Room, I mentioned to someone, who seemed a reasonable person (as am I), that I would be keeping a low profile!

I’ve just begun and I’ve decided to keep a low profile!

Oh, it’s just that bit pushy in there – I feel corralled.

Someone asked if anyone was going to blog while NaNo-ing.

Well, why wouldn’t you?

I know it’s a lot of words, 50,000, but I’m lacking in that Maths ability so it doesn’t worry me.

The numbers will come together in the end or they won’t.

I’ll get into my project, or I won’t.

I’m not getting the free-trial Scrivener – so I can get it cheaper at the end of NaNo.

I think that is a bit much – learning a whole new system as well as seeing how you get on with NaNo itself.

Too much to do.

So, marketing around that has misfired with me.

I’ll use Word.  I’m familiar with that.

I have been a patient person for most of my life.  I am even more patient now that I am on the verge of old age – where that is to my own benefit.

I’ll be going slow with NaNo.  Not with the writing if I find that it is coming together.

But all this – let’s join in!  Haven’t seen you for a while!  I’m a robot!  You can’t hurt my feelings even though I look alarmed that my demands are not met!

Not allowed to swear at all in there, either, which I do understand.

But this is my blog!

So – piss off robot!

3 thoughts on “It’s my NaNo! Okay? Huh! *One slight profanity at the end of this post.

  1. Scrivener takes a while to get used to and I never did so I don’t recommend it. If you do use Word make sure you back it up every day. Email yourself a copy to one or two accounts, just in case. TRUST ME on this.

    I use Evernote, there is a free app which syncs to 2 devices (more if you pay) and I used that for years (the free version) which allowed me to pick up my phone and make notes directly in to the app if I had something I wanted to say but no time to write at the laptop…but it’s not crucial to get that app. I’m just saying it’s easy to use (unlike Scrivener) and I like it, but I too use Word as well.


    1. Thanks Claudette. Any information helps. I’m already deliberately slowing down – I’m joining no races. I keep copies on USB sticks – I’ll back it up each day. But this year is a look-see. The NaNoWriMo site – you can keep it going all year. No rush, then – I’ll take what time I need to keep on checking it out. I’m definitely in the right room, though – Rebels’!


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