NaNoWriMo – it has cheered me up signing in for it.

I’ve been in there.  I have looked in the shop and mine is in £ sterling – they must have caught up with the fact that I am British.  I’ll buy a mug, I think – one this year, another next year, another . . .

And then when I have enough, I’ll get them all out when people come round.

I won’t use them to drink out of until then – you know how dishwashers destroy fine china – or pot – the design painted thereon.

I love that dishwasher.

I wrote that in one of my diaries once, and thought – cross that out!  How trite can you get?

But it is not trite to love your dishwasher.  I love it.

Yes – there is an announcement page within NaNoWriMo.

I have announced that, yes, I’m there.

I have announced that I have 0 words yet – I mean, it’s not supposed to begin until November 1.  In fact, I have a few words of my phrase which I shall start with, and a few words beyond those that came to me when I was on the bus – and another few that came into my mind . . .

I have less than 200 words altogether, and they will be edited.

They say – do not edit – just write – but I have decided I must have a dedicated notebook for this project – I have already lost the first phrase – I’m sure I’ll find it – but I began a notebook (I’m talking about handwriting) and jotted this, and that – and went through blog posts because I knew fictional stuff had been leaking into there – which can be turned into fiction or can be left as leaking parts in my memoir – it’s up to me . . .

But if I transcribe words from one place to another, inevitably, I edit them – I just do.

And I had a moment of conscience – oh, I can’t say that I’ve done any words yet because it’s not supposed to start until November 1st – and I have – and I counted them (and guessed how many the missing phrase must be) – about 173.

But I squared that with myself – it is prepping-time – and people do plots, outlines, character studies – they have it all set up, if they are organised, and then they can just write it up.

Sounds like a cunning plan.

But all that doesn’t count as words.

So, my few, which will change once they go upon a proper page, don’t count, I reckon.

There is a ‘memoir’ section in NaNoWriMo, but I hardly need that – I have all that ‘memoir’ already – I hardly need to set aside time to do it.

I need time to organise it – but I don’t have to be actively within the shelter of NaNo to do that – but I like it in there, NaNo.  Yes, I do indeed.

I chose to write alone – you can have buddies, if you like – or go public right from the start – I presume that will be something like WordPress – what you write will go into a public sphere immediately.  It could be that you get a lot of come-back from that.

Now then, shall I sign up to Scrivener?

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