I feel right down today. The Lords have voted for a stopping of a no-deal Brexit, thus taking away from Boris Johnson (though we need to see what happens next) a main negotiating tool with the European Union.

Yes. I want to be out.

When the people voted to come out of the EU, in the 2016 referendum, that was democracy – politicians have had ample time to take us out, but Remainers, who do not want to abide by that decision (and want to decide, for themselves, what democracy might be), have messed up the process every step of the way.

The Speaker behaved atrociously in the Commons yesterday. To say he did not maintain his position of impartiality is an understatement. There is talk of getting rid of him in some way.

I’ve only seen headlines this morning. I missed the point, yesterday, where Boris Johnson called Jeremy Corbyn a ‘big girl’s blouse’ (I haven’t heard that phrase for a long time), but saw the part where he called him a ‘chlorinated chicken’.

Sorry, all you US folk out there, but most Britishers don’t fancy their chicken being chlorinated under a trade deal with Trump.

I’m not a vegetarian, and let me say this in all fairness – I would eat chlorinated chicken if that was all there was.

However – I’m going back a bit but, following on from what Macron said, if I am to stand by Boris, then I mustn’t let myself become a vassal to the US.

I do hope my friends in the US will understand if I keep a certain distance, in some respects, by standing slightly apart, my nose in the air.

By the way, I was never sure of Jacob Rees-Mogg, but when I saw him lounging over that bench in the House of Commons, I loved him even more than I did when he was giving his speeches as the Commons leader.

I agreed with practically every word he said – and that I heard – all this was going on all day, and the BBC was making its usual spectacle of itself. It appears it has aligned itself with the press of the most sensationalised variety.

But, I’m going on.

I do hope Boris wins through.

But, even though Farage did not take Trump’s pussy-detractionism seriously enough, there will be him to vote for.

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