This isn’t the place for practising your great art, is it?

At the risk of shitting in my own back yard, I’ve gotta say – the blogging scene – generally – not much in it despite the – billion or so sites (more or less – I was never good at maths) – that they say there are.

Maybe I haven’t found many sites yet that would interest me – but I feel as though I am sitting here, banging my head off a brick wall.

I should just get some of these thoughts down, and weather the (possible) storm.

What I really think.

10 thoughts on “This isn’t the place for practising your great art, is it?

  1. Mostly everything free is crap… all the millions of blogs, books, open mic comedy and poetry, scribbled artwork, blah and blah. Even stuff you pay for is often crap. How to find real quality? Guess it depends what exactly you’re looking for. Keep narrowing your focus to one thing and filter out more and more. Idk…


  2. It’s hard to find good content. How do you search? I use tags with mixed results but have had some success with that. (I.e. midlife or middle age found me some interesting women and men who blog although I had to read some crap to find the good stuff).

    Searching tags that have nothing in common with me found some decent content. Example ‘dating in midlife’ brought some intetesting women into my reading simply because they struggle with similar issues as I do but with the added drama of being single. Just a fresh perspective for me.

    I sift through twitter occasionally and discover the odd blog that has potential.

    But. It takes time.

    What are your interests? Maybe I can pass some along to you.


  3. Thanks, Claudette. Thinking round it is the thing, I think. Basically, I am writing my own story in the way – or ways – that I can – still sifting through lots of old diary entries. I suppose you try to stay on the – acceptable – side of things. I hesitated before blogging that today, but it has brought some response. I think an idea might be to be yourself (ha!) with all the contradictions that entails.


  4. There are lots of good bloggers/great writers out there in the blogosphere, but it takes time to find them and an open mind about who might interest you. When you read a comment somewhere that resonates with you, go check out that person. That’s been how I’ve found most of the people who I follow. Plus joining in any of the challenges, either weekly or monthly, is another way to get exposure for your blog while meeting new people. A few thoughts…


    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Ally. It’s strange how this post has picked up interest from people though it is a departure from what I usually write – or, have written.
      I’m at a point where I wonder what you can say publicly and what not.
      How ‘politically correct’ do you need to be?
      Do you say nothing much of what you feel in order to get those stat-results coming out on a higher scale?
      Is that what I would want, anyway?

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      1. I don’t write about things from a political point of view, so I don’t feel any need to self-monitor what I write. I can understand your reluctance to write anything that might bring trolls your way, but if your jam is talking politics or about our society at large then in today’s world you’ll get the haters. Of course you can block anyone whose comments aren’t civil, but that’s a lot of work on your part. Or you could make your blog private, but if you’re into this for the stats then you’ll have cut off your nose to spite your face. No answers to your questions here, really. Good issues to think about though.


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