How much does blogging help you with your writing, or help towards your writing career?

A prestigious writers’ association that uses venues for its endeavours that are, at most, a train-journey away from where I live, offers workshops on how to set up a blog, as well as other ‘how to’ and ‘meet the author’ events.  Blogging seems to be part of a standard structure towards becoming an established writer.

No.  I have not attended those courses.

I went to one ‘meet the author’, that event taking place in a library a taxi-ride away from my home.

It was interesting but you either scootle out of the building the minute the talk (talks in this case – there were two authors) finishes, or you are expected, in the most polite way, to buy the book(s).

They are sold at a reduced rate, and the tickets for the evening cost next to nothing, but the exercise is to promote the writers – and the whole thing is hung on ‘local’ – ‘local novelists’, ‘local poets’, and so on.

Yes.  I bought a couple of books.

One writer did appeal to me – I’d got her book out of the library and then bought it at the event.

The other author – they were put on together though they had little in common – the other person was a crime writer, and – I do read all sorts – but I found his depiction of women (once I got the book home) not at all to my taste.

I’m sorting out my house, and I can’t keep all these books.  I just haven’t space for them all.  And so I am putting into the charity shop those that I am not impressed with and those that I have outgrown.  Some go in the bin.

I don’t care what they are – I was keeping classics for a long time because I thought I might end up with a teaching career.

But – if I don’t like books, out they go.  I’ll keep those that mean something to me in one way or another.  That does include some heavy theoretical tomes.  But I also have genre – and, yes, some of those that are considered classics that I do like.

I keep on going over the same things, and I have said some of this before.

But it seems important to say it again now and maybe I say more this time than I did the last.

I can’t be bound.

Blogging, though.  How far does it help you with your writing?

One day, I might go along to that ‘blogging’ class – just to find out how they justify themselves.

4 thoughts on “How much does blogging help you with your writing, or help towards your writing career?

    1. I wonder why your past blog didn’t give you confidence but the one you do now does. I had a past blog – and I took the whole lot down at one point and trashed the posts (though I had a copy of them all in Word. This blog, though – I took it down over the scraper blog – but once the scare was past (at least for the time being) I reinstated the posts (except for one). WordPress had kept them in the bin but not trashed them completely. I’m still working out what I get from blogging, but this blog I am learning more from. It’s all new writing – autobiographical but where I am now. In the last blog, I didn’t have the confidence for that, and got to a point where I was always looking for blog posts.
      What comes first, the blog or the confidence? I suspect both of those things work together in some unfathomable way.

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  1. I think my confidence in my writing ability is caused by the likes and comments. I have stated this before…I like the community. I like talking to people on the web from my introverted spot on the couch.
    I realize there are lurkers, I used to be and sometimes still am, but there is something about acknowledgement.


    1. I was a lurker once, at a time when I hardly knew what one was. I was just plain too shy to say anything in the comments, but I was interested in this guy’s writing. There weren’t ‘likes’ in those days, which I – hate in a way because I don’t always ‘like’ – but they are an acknowledgement that you were there. The ‘not liking’ thing – someone might have posted bad news, and to acknowledge it, you have to say ‘like’ but you don’t ‘like’ it at all. However, it is useful to know if people have at least seen your writing. Sometimes, it is an act of preservation to be a lurker. There is one site I keep an eye on – I might be giving that up soon – I think I might be safe from that site now, but I wasn’t before – needed to see what that blogger was doing. I suppose – it’s like everything else. You know yourself that you are a good person. You need to look after yourself. Not everyone is going to believe in your goodness, especially on the internet, I think. But you know, yourself. And all the looking into yourself helps you understand your own motives.

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