To think that moral views pertain forever is a bit Kantian.

What I have said there is so imperfect, but I am an amateur philosopher and this is what I can put forward as a thought.

The best writing doesn’t go on the blog any more!

This is an information blog and it is not always accurate.


I have bits and pieces of text all over my desk again.

I shall put the oddments (they are odd) here, and use this blog-space as a repository.

“Have just a roll of text – like a book but backwards,” I said.  “This is why I want a blog.”


It’s a morality that stands alone.  It mattered then.  It matters now.  It will matter.


That was it.

Something like that.

Oh – the categorical imperative.


When you say things, and people don’t see what you intended:

You can have intention but your projected point is not reached, as often as not.

This is my experience.


How many threads have I got here now?

Am I going to separate them into separate blog posts?

Quite frankly, if I do that now, I might never be able to move forward.

Push these aside in a bundle.

Deal with them later.

Why shouldn’t your blog posts be hold-alls?

Just ideas, you know.

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