Way to go . . .

It isn’t about doing it right.  It’s about exploring.  (Adriene, Yoga with Adriene, ‘Reuniting with your breath’, YouTube.)

Jung – synchronisation.  A coincidence occurs.  It can seem eerily uncanny.  Coincidences are where the outside world comes together with your inner concern.  It is a non-causal way to get around the world.

I translate that as ‘follow your instinct’.


I tap into a vein of anger.

I meditate and it engages.

I stop, pick up my pen.  What was in my mind dissipates as vapour.  I can’t catch it.  But catch it I must – I must let that out.

I break rules.

I knew it.

I try not to say it all but here it comes.


What I read:

Karl Ove Knausgaard.

Stephen King.

Chuck Wendig.

Enid Blyton . . .

But where do I stop this list?

No.  This stuff comes into the body of the text or in comments or – even – emails.

Do I include ‘The Newspaper’ in that?

It’s all grist to the mill.

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