Grr! Snarl! (

There is a site (I have found out) that steals other people’s posts – it is – that spike in my viewings – (that day) – that was it.

Spider-bots, I’ve heard.  Would be.  They say they keep on crawling over your site to keep what you have on theirs.

Some people (I’ve heard) are blogging on anyway because they are not planning on publishing any of their posts.  (And they are not going to be stopped!)  Their blogging is fun – nothing serious.

I’m not in that position.  Everything I write is deadly serious – even innocuous-seeming stuff can lead, for me, into – other writing.

As I write this, my blog is on ‘private’, and that seems to have done it with the rogue site – my posts have disappeared from it.

To check if they have anything of yours, go to the site, put your name or blog name into the search bar, and scroll down.

Deleting whatever they have from your own site, or making your site private, does the trick.

I’ll delete all mine (I have a copy of everything) and leave this post on public to warn anyone who visits.


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