That’s weird. Someone really likes me.

I’ve had a sudden spike in views – 31 – all from one visitor in Germany.

Maybe some of you have lots of views, and this wouldn’t be surprising to you, but I was surprised enough to shut down to private.  What was happening?

Since then, I’ve looked in a forum, and this smiling guy said (to someone else) – enjoy it while it’s happening!  Someone really likes your writing!

Well, we’ll see.

With my interest in the spheres of public and private, this is like a wake-up call – or it might be paranoia setting in.


No.  That happy smiling guy can say what he wants – I’m not at all sure about this.  A spike?  It is my instinct to stay well clear of spikes.

If you see any posts dotted about the place that look as though they could be mine, possibly written in German, will you let me know?

4 thoughts on “That’s weird. Someone really likes me.

  1. Perhaps it’s another question of a walled garden. You’re posting something someone liked, he or she is enticed and starts looking around their blog (I do that when I find someone interesting) and hence the spike.

    I’m not saying that’s what happened. I’m saying it’s a possibility. 🙂


  2. Maybe WordPress put your blog on someone’s reader page who has similar interests. It’s a good thing. Look at their blog and give it a like if you can read it and you like it.


    1. I have no idea who it was – there wasn’t one ‘like’ or a follow. It was as though a button had got stuck somewhere, but the views were ranged over almost every post I’d written – and some of them viewed twice. Not long after I’d discovered it, I just clicked on to private, until I saw that in a forum, where it said it was not possible to hack a site in that way. My stuff is individual to me, anyway – very much so. If anyone was going to take it, they wouldn’t get far with it – they couldn’t go on pretending to be me. Just thinking this out as I reply.

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      1. The stats look weird to me sometimes and I wonder if they’re real. But sometimes I try to put a like on a blog and a white box pops up and the like doesn’t go through. Maybe that’s what happened.


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