When money is tight, I consolidate.

That entails some ranging around to see what projects I may have left partly done while having been drawn to specific other ones that have taken much of my time, up until this point.

I’m playing Sid Meier’s ‘Civilization VI’.  I bought it a while back, but then got pulled into the ‘de Blobs’ (there are two of them) – and now that I need to be careful with my money and the ‘de Blobs’ completed, I can go back and try this one.

I said something about some games being as exciting to play as watching paint dry – this was the one I was thinking of.

But I’ve played ‘Civilization’ games before and I know they are gripping (like a Stephen King novel).  This one, however, seems to be more difficult than the ones I’ve played in the past.

It’s summer – I’m hot and bothered – I know that if I looked into the game further – find out what I’m supposed to do – then I’d be better at it, instead of each civilization that I try to grow being ground into the dust, in no time, under someone’s heel.

No.  I’m determined.

I’ve been playing randomly.  You move your settlers and your warriors, as two separate units, across a landscape – the view is more or less from above – and, after some days of doing this, moving my units wherever, am starting to get a feel for it, notice things.

Oh – there is an advisor, and you can get her to take you through a sample game and she will tell you things but, for some reason, her voice gets on my nerves – I can’t go through it all.

Mind, I bought ‘Dead Souls Re-Mastered’ not long before I bought this one – and the controls on it are so utterly alien (opposite to what they usually are) that I’m going to need to feel dedicated indeed to continue with it.

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