I’ve got to do things for myself.

There is so much asking for recommendations from other people that you can do, especially if you are trying something new, but you get to a point – I’m speaking for myself – you get to a point where you could do with exploring things for yourself.

Summer-time is so boring.  People are away on holiday, you go out and do your usual stuff but come back bathed in sweat, you can’t have too many summer clothes but you can’t find any new ones in the shops that suit you – people are not writing so much in their blogs – and there is only so much reading of your current book that you can do – and it has become suddenly too hot to be in the garden at all – and you have finished your latest computer game.

I like Nintendo.  I play Nintendo.

I like the Zelda games – love them – such a fan – that reminds me of that Stephen King book – the writer in it meeting his greatest fan – oh, they made a film of it, and of course, the film was not as good as the book – Misery – that was it.

But no – if a Zelda game comes out, I get it, immediately.  I like being Link.

And I play Mario, Pokemon, even Animal Crossing – don’t those little friends get so mean sometimes?

I have played a few adult games – one about twins falling into a ghostly village – frightened myself almost to death with that one – and another that was for teenagers – hair in their eyes – if I was really there, I’d be handing out the hairgrips.

What I need to do is to spend some money on a variety of games in an effort to find what I like in them without getting the same old things, over and over again.

Spend some money to get an idea.

Oh – ‘de Blob’ – but they’ve now updated that to ‘Splatoon’.  Maybe I should give that another whirl.

But you can spend unsustainable amounts of money on games that you hate – that you can’t play, that you play but it is like watching paint dry, that you play – but you are pushed along a path that you don’t want to pursue – they think everyone wants the same – I played one game once – ‘Tomodachi Life’ – and because I pulled back from getting hitched to a guy – was told that I was afraid to pursue my own happiness!

I looked today, on the official Nintendo website, found some trailers, hit the colour-trail – or it hit me – watched some special effects – pow!

Okay.  I’ve at least done that.  Spent a short time just looking.

It comes down to money so often.  It’s the same with books – I’ll avoid the book shop -and go to the library for a while and then feel as though I’ve read every one from there that I could possibly be interested in.

It’s time as well.  You think that, at certain eras in your life, you will have time to – whatever . . .

But the time gets wrapped up in the general expenditure.

And you have to (still talking to myself) get by with what you have – with that small amount of money that you have left over this month, with that amount of time when there is so much more, and so much more, to do as you get older.

Give up on the mythical golden time – if that comes, it comes by accident, and not recognised until after, when it is all done, when you don’t have it any more.

It’s a waste to kick against all this – you just relax down – yes, I’m talking to you – that’s the best thing – you will get done what you have time for.

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