I just need to remind myself here –

I have a post adjunct – the possibility of one – about Hortense – she has, in her name, that French influence which seems to be so important to me – I’ve written something about that – I thought I’d post it.  I’ve linked her with the French teacher from Marseilles, but I’ve written of the French teacher elsewhere, and if I put it more or less where I’m up to in the blog, it wouldn’t so much be writing, as informing potential readers of aspects of myself – that isn’t what the blog ultimately is for.

Oh, remember, also, watching the ‘Henry . . .’ – was it 5th? – film behind the curtain – up on the stage at school – the French princess he marries.

It’s just ‘Hortense’ is another link in with this lot – and ‘Michelle, ma belle’ – the Beatles song that we asked that French mistress about – for a translation of the French words in it – she was scandalised, really, that we couldn’t translate it ourselves – she didn’t think much of us – French girls were so vastly superior.

However, I’m not at all sure that would belong on the blog.

I said all that (I’m going to throw it out), but the final paragraph is important, and would have gone into the blog if the rest had – it says something else of who I am: ‘And so we cannot dismiss  her . . . [Hortense] . . . so easily – she fits in there somewhere as agent (of one sort or another) of – the mess I fell into – I was going to say ‘got myself into’ but I don’t think it works in that essentially moralistic way.  I am no Kantian.’

(‘Kant’ keeps on coming into my writing, also – I know very little of him, but ideas I have of him are important to me in some way.)

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