It’s difficult for me this time of year.  I tire easily as the light nights start to swing in.  That is something to say, anyway, about why I find ‘early in the year’ so difficult.  It is tiring.

However, this year, I have eased my situation by getting out into the garden.  The weather has been spring-like the past week, and I have taken advantage of that to begin digging out last year’s – sprigs – of Michaelmas Daisy and Valerian.

My removal is careful.

I dig out a square foot to begin with.  I ache.  I go back into the house.

know.  How do I work in something about – ‘yes, I am tired; I exercise’?

I’m not a fitness-nut as such.

I have always been interested in good diet, and I do like to get out for a walk each day, even if just up the road to the shop.

I have a contradictory nature, sometimes, but I have always liked nature.  It was always me at the nature-table when I got a chance as a kid at school.  And I grew up in a small house with a big garden.

I’m old-fashioned in my choice of plants.  I am always trying to reproduce, in one way or another, I think, that garden of my youth.

I am becoming more like my father.  He would take cuttings from people’s gardens as he passed, and seeds.

The other day, I pulled a piece of laurel from a bush at the edge of someone’s garden.  It was – you know – that one near the bus stop.  I had been eyeing that laurel bush for many months.

It seems an odd choice of plant – laurel – what is so exciting about laurel?

It is variegated, and that (pulling – I didn’t cut it – now in a pot, where it will root if I wait long enough), doesn’t seem reason enough to like it, especially since there is a hedging-laurel, I noticed, at a front-garden fence that I pass up the road, and which I have already decided I will take my secateurs for next time I’m that way – and that laurel is very much one colour, but a light green from whose leaves the sun sparkles, when it is out.

No.  The reason I am so keen on laurel is because, even though we didn’t have it at home, I liked it – when I was a kid.

I found it then, also, in other people’s gardens.

As I passed, I would rub its leaves between my fingers.  They were so soft and thick.

And evergreen.

Forever there.

To start my garden interests now, in the growing light, increasing my activity as I do, will help me get over this deep tiredness, I hope.






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