How can you add a title (it says ‘add a title’ in the part you, dear reader, can’t see) when you don’t know what you are going to write?

Okay – I’ve been writing a whole load of blart here because I was using the new block system and it wasn’t behaving the way I expected it to.  I wrote a whole blog post on how the title slot didn’t seem to be large enough for the title I had in mind. What I wanted to say was what I have here, now, for a title; how can you add a title when you don’t know, yet, what you are going to write?

And then I put: I know, I know – you can go back and add it later.

And then: But why not have the title space at the end rather than at the beginning? In my paper-based writings, I used to put titles at the end, sometimes.

So what do I do now?  Leave this doubled-up blog post that has, for a theme, what many of my blog posts have?

That is, the difficulty I have with WordPress –

But that is the problem with these pre-prescribed spaces – in blog-platforms, anyway (I did set myself up with a Twitter account long ago but I never got round to doing my first tweet – that is still there, but maybe I need more space – more characters – to play around with) –

There is an assumption that everyone writes the same – that people would want to put the title first, having come up with an idea –

I don’t know what I wrote before (in this blog). I’m not going to look back on it. I keep a copy of this blog, as I did the last blog – it was when I started to go back to look (with that one), that the – what were they? – the lice-like creatures – began to bite – in my comment section.

I was infested!

But that wasn’t the only reason I stopped that blog – I don’t know – I was too – pursued in it.

Oh – I’d better say – I have the odd residual from when this used to be my last blog.  And there are things that ought to be here (so I am told) that are not.  I can’t do everything all at once.

Residuals may disappear in future-dated versions of this blog, and missings may appear.  And, therefore, later readers of this blog may not have an idea of what I am talking about.


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