Blogging front

Trying to work out where I am generally.

Things have been very quiet on the blogging front.

You get away from someone, say, because the situation is impossible—you’ve tried.

This person has been silencing you anyway—this idea of ‘silencing’ is quite a technical term—it came to me from courses I’d done about feminist theory and women’s writing for my university degree —it seemed such an odd thing.

In the courses, the idea of it was thought of in terms of women—that they did not have a full place in ordinary life—that they still were put at the margins of things—they were ‘marginalized’—and that was a new term, a new idea, for me also.

And so—we already have here (if you are with me in what I am saying) two ideas of people being put aside—being silenced, and being marginalized.

And it isn’t only women who are put into this place.  It can be anyone, or any group of people.

The idea is ‘I am better than you’.

There are so many variations on that theme.

And I begin to see that these ideas—they are ideals in their own way—

But this is as far as I can see, and I shall need to come back to some of these ideas again at some time.

I feel silenced, this is the thing.  This is the main thing.

3 thoughts on “Blogging front

  1. What makes us feel silent or silenced? Good questions to ask ourselves but not a need to accept either unless you feel your silence is right. Sometimes silence speaks volumes but only in certain situations. Determining the correct way to respond, on a case-by-case basis. Hope your well.


  2. I do suspect sensitive people are easily put off by society and I was like that but have learned to be strong, in voice and in silence. Not sure if that is what you mean but I hear your words, they resonate. The homeless kids i tutor, for instance, struggle with such things. As a social worker i notice them and that builds their ability to speak. To speak and not feel shame. Of course they must realize there are varying opinions and therein lies another lesson to learn. J


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