[From June 2007 diary—Sunday 24 June 2007]

All this is gone now, and that is amazing.

I’m watching Glastonbury there, and Paul Weller is on…I look at him—I’m eating my dinner while I do so—trying to eat my dinner—

It might be easier if I get that tooth out.

If that goes, I’ll still have one right at the back on that side, and two further towards the front—teeth I can grind with.

At the moment, I’m nibbling away repeatedly with my front teeth in an effort to get my food in small enough pieces to swallow.

I used to love chewy food.

I didn’t particularly like soft food, soft bread—I used to like to chew on it.

Shortage of teeth now.

I’m serious—I have all the back ones top left, but no bottom ones there, so those remaining to me—not so useful—[think-aboud-it, think-aboud-it—no opposition, no opposition—note 30/06/2017]—

And I have some back ones top right, but one gone and one so wobbly it’s impossible to eat with.

It’s a shock to the system—I can’t eat.

I’ve made a conscious decision to have more soup in my daily life.

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