Diary: from—Thursday 26 April 2007

It’s Thursday now, 26th April 2007, about 2.00, am.

Tea and toast.  The thing is I’m not really hungry.  Slightly peckish, maybe—which is funny because I had chicken in my sandwich today at lunchtime, and I don’t often have meat more than once a day now—I find that is enough.

However, we did end up with seafood pizzas for dinner.

Not sleeping.

I did sleep, but not for long.  I was on my back, and my really awful snoring woke me up.

I’ve just found some mould on one of my slices of toast—hope I haven’t eaten any on the other slice.  It has been very warm today—very pleasant, with just enough wind to keep off the heat.  Not like April at all.  They do reckon the global warming is due to us.  But there was a programme on last night about the very olden days—way back—mammoths and so on.  What was it?  Seven hundred thousand years back, even.  Or was that ‘million’?  I can’t do the numbers.  It was amazing how civilised the people were—making wooden platforms above—was it a campfire?

They found extremely well-preserved pieces under the sea—was it the Channel or the North Sea?—from when it was all land—and then there was global warming.  It warmed seven degrees in fifteen years!  And the waters came in.

This warming—naturally happens—but they still think that our warming now is, at least in part, human-made…

And the flints—they were clever, you know, those people.

But it was so long ago I can’t grasp the distance in time.  My mind boggles.


Well, I went to bed about midnight.

I did relaxation in bed.

Fell asleep.

Snored and woke.

The police helicopter went past so loudly that I thought I must have left the window open.

I hadn’t.

I got up and did my sciatica exercise.

Went back to bed.

Deep relaxation.

No go.  Couldn’t sleep.

So I got up.  I may as well be doing something as lying there all night.

I’ll take two aspirin now, which I was hoping to avoid.

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