London atrocity

I find that I am in a position that I was in before—see my post at

I felt then that I couldn’t blog at all until I had said something about Trump.

Others has spoken but he had silenced me, in effect.

He made me afraid.

He had taken a stance of general non-negotiation.

I was stunned by his attitude.

The London atrocity of last Saturday night, following on so closely from the attack in Manchester just a few weeks ago—and there had been, last March, the attack at Westminster that I hadn’t mentioned—you—if you are me—note these things and think they are one-off—they won’t happen again.  But…

Three attacks now.

According to one eyewitness account, a jihadist stabbed a woman repeatedly (was it at least ten times?), shouting that this was ‘for Allah’—while she screamed for help.

It is that reported image that stays with me—more than others.

The eyewitness tried, but he couldn’t get to the woman, though he helped whoever else he could.

Islamist extremists—a perverted form of Islam.

We must stand together as communities, Theresa May said—we must not let this break our democracy—our right to speech.

Feeling silenced—but that is the last thing you must be, they say.

There must be negotiation between groups—we need (I would say) an attempt at defining terms of debate.


4 thoughts on “London atrocity

  1. no disrespect Joan but whether you negotiate, which only allows them to continue as is, hiding behind lies to appease, or confronting them head on, as military force had kept them at bay until Americans pulled out of Iraq and birthed Isis, there is no reaching psychopaths and loonies. They see vulnerability and attack. We are vulnerable because we do not adhere to their beliefs. Screwed up thinking, I know, but to them it is truth, even if it means death, for us and them. Lives stolen at our cost, not theirs, according to their beliefs. So regardless who is in office and how extremists are confronted, whatever religion and ideology suits them, pointing fingers to make ourselves feel good, well I suppose we can believe what we will. As for me, I go into my garden and continue to live my life. I am both a victim and a warrior. I would die before believing what they believe. I will live as if I matter no matter if I matter to them. We can call for peace, peace in the streets but they want nothing other than power over our freedoms. Maybe fight them with our own propaganda but “free” people do not agree on anything, there is plethora of beliefs and thus freedom is not united in one worldview, so we are on the defensive. They have all the chips at this juncture in time especially if moderate Muslims do not speak up.


    1. I’m not talking about trying to negotiate with so called Islamic state. They are beyond negotiation, anyway–they won’t negotiate.
      I’m talking about finding ways to more useful debate with groups within the UK–the Muslim community, for instance, who distance themselves from a form of Islam that they call perverted–that of so called Islamic state.
      Ways of debate with them need to be made more productive–we have measures for talking with Muslims already, but these seem to be not working well. Some British-born Muslims, who have gone to school, for instance, beside other groups, and learned of other cultures and religions as much as any child, are nevertheless forgetting British values and being radicalised by so called Islamic state.
      It is very important that those we choose to represent us–government officials–are able to negotiate and discuss wherever it is needed on our behalf. And that goes for negotiation within the UK and outside of it.


      1. I see the war differently. Stemming the tide in the Muslim community is worth trying. I suppose. Thought Obama had tried. Got Iran stronger and other middle eastern nations unsure about their future. Trump was invited and went to Saudi Arabia and met with over 50 Muslim nations. Can you hear the pin drop? All quiet from those Muslim nations after he appealed to their senses. Asked for help. Why? I guess time will tell how this all goes. Great thoughts. J


  2. We (you and I) seem to be on different wavelengths–you are talking about war and I am–mainly–talking about the situation in Britain. But we in Britain have a general election tomorrow to choose who will be Prime Minister–and negotiations begin very shortly after that over leaving the EU–plenty of meetings with European officials.
    Do you watch ‘100 days +’? It is a news programme between the UK and US. I find it very enlightening.


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