4 thoughts on “Tied up tight

  1. Joan, I think the gist of the matter is we understand people regardless where they are in their journey called life. There is a spectrum of souls and where we are depends on circumstances and reasoning. I believe all sides misunderstand each other. Bias comes when we reject another without treading carefully. There is no large umbrella I stand under but my personal relationship with my beliefs. Make sense?


      1. I understand your post is personal in nature and my comment is a general statement for all considerate thinking peoples. “We” all start as seeds and hopefully end up as fertilizer for the next generation. I am not against people embracing their beliefs with a ferocious tenacity for it is their prerogative in life. Robert Frost said fences make good neighbors. In this case, where people on either side are unable to hear debate, perhaps the fence is not tall enough. J


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