Note to self…going to have to go back to the double dash—for the same reason—Sunday

Ditto – see previous – for dashes – double ’em up—I used to—and then a course—also mentioned before—what is it with these courses that used to get to me, strip from me what I was—my essentials—taught at school the single dash with a space either side – thought of long dash—double dash—as peculiarly American—I’m English – but I adopted it—oh, enough now—changed back through that course – those courses did me no good, mainly, though I got a potential-book from the attendance of one – oh, saying everything here and yet nothing – I’ll also go back and double-dash again—as triple spaceless dot…

(Oh – major note to self – this is – leave dashes as they are here – don’t double-’em-all-up here – self-explanatory here – more or less – I may have made some mistakes but let ’em stand—)

Once the double-dashing from the going-back is done, you won’t be able to see where it was—I’ll just say—it started here.

Just jotting.

Sorry if this is sooo boring, dear reader—need for self.


Early morning again.  Do hope my insomnia is not creeping up on me.  Upsets I can’t do.




Except you must—you have no choice in the matter.  Said this before—upset just is—as it happens.


Hate that grey light.

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