Whadda loada…

I know – I so frequently use those three little dots […], and I do know that they are correctly expressed by having spaces between them – ellipses, that is what they are called; I knew I knew that word – there is so much I know I know these days, without getting big-headed about it – I’d say if I didn’t know – someone said to me once that it was okay to say when you (I) didn’t know – what a relief – you’re in a whole new ball-park if you can say – I don’t know…

Anyway – ellipses and spaces – I did a course once (not another one in this instance – I have mentioned this particular course before) and it was standard practice (their standard practice) to use ellipses without those spaces – in the submission of your work…

So useful.  Omitting the spaces between the three little dots keeps them together, along with the word they follow.

Previous to finding out this, I had meticulously separated those three dots by spaces – but – along came the computer and word-processing, and you’d ellipsis something and – there’d so often be one little dot on its own on a following line, or even two little dots…

Poor things.

I found out what the code was you could type in to keep that word and its three little (spaced) dots together, but for some reason (which I never fathomed), the printer would print the code as well as the word and its precise little dots kept all together – on whatever line all those fell on.

It wasn’t a requirement of mine for readers (mythical) to know that I knew about the code to keep a word and its ellipsis together – and so I dropped that practice (of using that code) and would put a return (I’m still old-school – read ‘enter’) immediately before the word and ellipsis in question if it was going to fall into pieces around the end of a computer wrap-around line.

You know – so many people do that.

But then, I’d copy that piece of writing somewhere else, perhaps – maybe into another piece of text, and – the computer-line would end somewhere in the middle because I’d put that return in to keep that word and ellipsis together –

Still with me?

Well, to cut a long story short – I gave up on that returning practice, and picked up the practice of discarding the spaces between the dots of an ellipsis – it might or might not be particularly gung-ho procedure – but hey – it works…

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