Diary – Friday 5 May 2017 – How does this thing work now…

I’ve woken – about 5.15 now – early morning – that thing where you (I) are (am) awake for some minutes before realising, or acknowledging to yourself (myself) that you are (am).

Okay – maybe I’m in two places at once there, or trying to be.

I seem to be getting acerbic in my comments on the blogging scene – I’m too blunt, maybe, too close to the bone of people’s contentions, maybe.  Too dismissive too quickly, perhaps – I think I’ll give up commenting altogether.  So few people do comment.

Oh – I’m going down to get myself some porridge or something.  One thing, I am tired – maybe I seriously need to keep more hidden at this time of year.  Maybe May is as difficult as these other early-in-the-year months.

Mm.  Despite everything, I can’t be bland in my blogging.  I may blog this entry – it might be handy for me to know where I was at this point – this is topical for me, anyway.

Yes.  No holding back now – not where I feel I can speak.

But I’ll leave other people’s blogs alone, but for reading, for – a month – maybe not even press that ‘like’ button.

I’m not sure what I’m doing here – turning the cold shoulder.  That is it.

I’ll try that for a while.


Ah!  Got it!  She is giving me the silent treatment but without telling me!  I’m going to go with this interpretation.


No.  Stopping commenting – that is the last thing I need to do – I comment readily.

Maybe I’m not mealy-mouthed enough, sometimes.

No.  It’s her!

Maybe – stop leaving so many ‘likes’, but comment more – yes, I’ll try that.

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