I opened the door…

I opened the door to someone today.

I do not always open the door.  I have my front-room curtains pulled in such a way that I can go into the front room, and glance out and see who is at the door.

If I don’t like the look of them, I don’t answer the door.

Today – I was upstairs – there was a knock at the door.

I went down.

Today – I told myself not to be afraid to open my door, and I went to it, and opened it.

No.  It was not okay.

I did not, from this, learn a moral lesson to open my door as I might open my heart.


The person at the door was selling something, as people often are.

It is the same ruses, and I do not fall for them, these days.

Some days, I open my door if I want to.

Or – I check through the window, first – I don’t always feel strong enough to deal with charlatans at the door.

2 thoughts on “I opened the door…

  1. Yes. I really did this, the day I posted. It might seem insignificant (and it reminds me of the old thing of especially older ladies – that’ll be me! – twitching at their curtains – being nosey – looking out). I’m actually not very nosey – that’s just me – but I feel the need to protect myself, sometimes. And so I do. I’m losing the idea of – well, you really should…


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