Inside there now…

[I was going to give this yesterday – jotted it down yesterday – but didn’t have time to post it – funny thing, much of what I gave over Easter – written the day before – posted the day after – just the way things worked out – but that probably has some significance – which I’ll realise eventually.]

Hmm.  Keeping myself company here, as I often do with my writing.

Lack of orientational points – even I have difficulty from inside this thing [‘My Site’ in the editing mode] – I can only scroll through the blog posts slowly – I’m finding my beginning – but – so often misunderstood – I’m getting a lot of writing leeway from this attempt at the – hate the word – but the manipulation of the blog.

So – I don’t worry about the mechanics of the blog.  Don’t care about that, anyway – what I care about is my writing – and I’m exploring this way of delivering it (through the blog) – and I get a ‘Aw!  Not responsive!’ sign.

Okay.  I actually do have the patience for all that, and I’ll take as much time as I need – because that is a way I have found works for me – take that time.

Don’t worry – I know I’ll need to live until I’m about a hundred – I said something about that in my paper diary – there is nothing else for it – gotta live many more years if I’m going to sort this out.

[Just keeping things ticking over.]

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