Tuesday – catching on to myself after easter

I know.

Now that I’ve got rid of the ‘Categories’ box (and I did feel freer once I’d closed that) there are no orientation pointers in my blog – just the ‘About’ and – oh, hold on, let me just see if that menu is still working – ah, yes, it is – but that’s not much – I mean what I’ve written in the ‘About’ – it has a date, and the date relates to when I did that – there were two other ‘Abouts’ before that one, you know – what do I do – chuck out everything and have a general overhaul?  Say, in the ‘About’, that I wrote that then, and time has moved on, and I am a different person now –

Yes – even in so short a time – 25 August 2016 then, and April something – 2017 – now.

Yes – maybe should say something else, at some time – I said in it that I might.

In a blog, you do get a sense of progression in time, don’t you?

I’m just blathering on here, but it’s all serious to me.

I was just going to say that – now I have disposed of the ‘Categories’ box, there are no orientation (or, in blog-lingo, navigational) pointers – just a back and forth choice, really, previous to – oh, you don’t seem to get that on the phone presentation of it – no, my mind boggles…


2 thoughts on “Tuesday – catching on to myself after easter

  1. Yes – it’s the writing I’m interested in before the blogging – I mean the blog itself. But working out the blog – I write about that, so I’m on a winner there. What you feel you can say in public, what you feel you can’t – blogging helps you sort that out, I find.


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