Working the blog – Sunday (Easter)

I’ll just remove that ‘Categories’ box – it was, in part, to help me sort out what writing I had – I was going through it all, and trying to link like with like, as you do – but initially, I thought I wouldn’t be able to have categories at all – no matter what a piece of writing looked like, on the outside – a story, a diary entry, a thought, some jottings – they were all basically autobiographical – about me.


Even the fiction.

The characters were all basically me, in one way or another – even the mean ones were a consideration of – am I like that?  Could I be like that?

I didn’t set out with those thoughts in mind – I just recognised them – sometimes years and years later – for what they were.

I am an autobiographical writer – but then I think many writers are, no matter what genre they express themselves in.

I know there are writers who plan out every step before they put pen to paper, or strike the first key on the keyboard.

I am not one of them – I can’t write in that way – it’s always stop and start for me, can’t look back in the writing because I’m on a roll – or I’m scared to, at that moment – or, must look back in the writing – I can’t deliberately write a first draft all the way through and then go back and sort that little lot out.

But I know there are many writers who do work in that way.

At the moment, I’m looking back at my blog – I’ll get rid of the ‘Categories’ if I can find where to do it because – I didn’t want them at first – get rid of those – the gubbins in them isn’t working anyway.

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