Slice of Blogging

What I thought might go into a blog post this weekend:

My best time, these days, is at night, meal cooked and eaten, washing up done or not, television programmes watched – those few that I currently do –

And I go upstairs to my room where my computer is – I use the computer all day, on and off – but I finish off there – tired by this time though it is early, write something by hand, play a computer game if I have one for my 3DS – which I do at the moment – still well-stuck in Pokemon after wondering for months – years – what people saw in it.

This is too general, not specific enough about my self, but it is what I can do at the moment, and I write myself out, like wringing out a wet cloth –

But what I like most about being upstairs in my room at this time, is that my door is shut.  It is unlikely that I shall be disturbed now.  I am alone and anyone I might or might not live with maintain shadowy existences.  I go to bed early, these days, get up early.  Not by design so much as necessity.

Not much detail here – not much telling.

This is where the proposed blog post ended.

It was as I say in the ‘post’ (‘post’ because it isn’t going to be one – not as it is)…the post ends up pretty much a nothing – it just gives what I do, usually.  It gives something of myself, but not much really interesting.

What I also thought I might put into a blog post:

I can write about my neighbour now that he has died, but I can’t give him his own name – I’ll call him Hugh.

With the new name, he is already removed from himself – but I have a link; I knew someone else of the same name who went to a school that was called ‘Hugh’ in a strange way.

Hugh had a wife, but she is out of my sphere now, so I can write about her, also, and his daughters and son and grandchildren, if I wanted to – soon, when the house is sold, I’ll see none of them again, or only by chance.  They will be gone from me, and so I could allow them to become whoever I wanted – no longer themselves.

Here ended the proposed blog post.

What was wrong with it – nothing, really – it would be a way of giving writing method – what you could do – how you could work this thing.  But, I got that far, and thought I should actually do that fiction instead of writing about doing it.

But I find doing fiction from that sort of approach hard work – and it doesn’t turn out as well as if I let myself take a freer line.

It would be taking as characters people you know, indicating where things might be difficult with doing that – will they know themselves if they read the fictional word?  And how to get around some of those problems – wait until they die, wait until they move away.

Actually – I could still give that above (the last one) as a blog post.  I think some people would appreciate what I give there, even though it isn’t much – it would help some people direct their thoughts in a new way.  The proposed blog post is not entirely without merit – it could be put in if I didn’t know what else to put – but I’d put all this paraphernalia with it – might just do that.  It is the sort of thing that I would do instinctively.

Proposed blog post – do it – this last one – leave it at this point.  Don’t give this last piece of ‘stage directions’.






5 thoughts on “Slice of Blogging

  1. Love the feel of this post. As a letter to a friend, advice to a novice writer and the beginnings of what hopefully is a book, short story or plain relief you did what you needed to do, whatever that is at the end of everyday. For you.


    1. Thanks, Jeanne. This is literally what it says it is – thoughts as to what could be done, the worth of something, mundane details of what I do (though not so mundane for me), what I feel I can give and what I feel I can’t – and thinking about my neighbour. It’s tongue-in-cheek, but serious too. And it’s giving the finished thing, or not – where does a piece of writing end – do you include the notes you made with it – do you leave those out – polish the whole thing up?

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      1. I like your style of writing. It is natural and exploratory, your unique voice. I wonder if you write from a first person perspective and keep those thoughts and weave them through out the story. J


  2. By the way – these ideas – what counts as the ‘real’ writing – do you include notes, do you include what is in the margins of the paper, do you include the shopping list left between the pages? I can’t remember which philosophy this is from – might be Nietzsche – not all my own ideas – did ‘History of Ideas’ at university – I had no idea what it was – liked the idea of it – turned out it was the history of philosophy – which is ideas – one guy who taught us – gave us more of the philosophy than the history that you could use with it – eg, Nietzsche was born…[I have no idea]…at the time, this was happening, therefore, it must have had an influence on him…and this is why he came up with… – that’s the history, basically. But this tutor gave us less of that and more of thinking about the ideas themselves, and what they meant. Or might mean. In doing essays, I had to make notes of where I got everything from, and footnote it, and do the bibliography. I’m using those ideas now – more than I was before – know them better now – but I can’t remember where I got at least some of them from – I’ve taken them in, and they are now mine, in a way – but it gets my conscience not to say, at least once – hey, I didn’t think of all this myself.
    However, I do write instinctively – write something, post it, have no idea of the possible full implications of it until after it’s there – on the digital page. Then I start thinking – oh yes – that’s there – didn’t realise I was saying that…


  3. The second comment there from me – thought of it not long after I’d replied to your first comment. Yes – I think writing from a first person perspective comes more naturally to me. I’ve tried writing stories – third person – struggling with this thought – even when I did write stories in third person – I eventually realised that all the characters, even the ones I didn’t like much, were all me. I’m not giving up on the idea of writing from the third person, but – I don’t know – my most vital writing (if you could call it that) comes from the first person perspective. I do have a group of characters – named – who I do know are me – I may be able to do something with them at some time.
    If I wrote about ‘Hugh’ – it would still be aspects of him who are there in myself, I suspect.


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