Diary – Wednesday

You can’t go at it hammer and tongs all the time – well, there are people who would want you to –

I keep on coming to the same conclusion – write what you will; write what you can.  You are not a slave to other people’s whims.

That is stating it too strongly, maybe.  There are market forces, and if you have no way to meet market forces with what you may have to sell – your writing, for instance – then that is just tough luck.  You get over that – see what you do have – give what you do have – but always keeping an eye on the fact that you are not a slave.

I don’t write about social injustice – not because I don’t care – I know that discourse is couched around, the same as any other, and I’m busy elsewhere – I have only so much time.

You do what you can – whatever it is that you can.

I find that I do better (I feel better) if I just let the writing come, not try to force it.

I suppose that is a definition of therapeutic writing – the writing that comes.

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