Diary – Friday

Double this up

I feel as though I am cranking old machinery into gear.

No.  It was the Castle who were wrong in the first place.  Of course you can read old texts through these-days theory – in fact, what else can you do?  What’s it called – historical parity – you don’t have to have that to have authenticity.

But that’s something else – authenticity.

However – an academic career would not have suited me in any case –

Bus – just there, but I can’t run.

Keep myself company in these pages again for a while.

We’ll see.

I have a tag (or is it a category) called ‘casting about’ and that might be what I’m doing.

A bit absent to myself, you could say, but if I say that, who am I saying it to?

I must insist that this does matter.

“She hasn’t learnt to go round people yet.”

A dad about his kid on a scooter, but I was out of the way by instinct before I knew she was there.

Oo!  They’ve crossed and gone into the house with the turrets cut into the hedge.

Do they live there?

Wish I lived there.

But it wouldn’t be me cutting the turrets.

Where’s that bus?

You miss one, you miss them all.

Call it ‘Double this up’ – I have what would turn into a double space between these – thoughts – it might not translate well on to mobile phones, since the thoughts are so – short.

I do think of my reader.

No.  I explain only what I have to.  You can so much get yourself into hot water if you’re not careful.


Shut up now.

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